Join Our Team

Our team of skilled guides and farm stand operators
A guide clips his zip trolley in to the line for a ride.

Get Paid to Have Fun

Ready to call the woods your office? Excited to meet new friendly folks every day? Want to learn more about the forests so you can teach it to others? Our guides do all of those things and more, while riding ziplines all day.

Invest in Yourself

Our staff train, train, and train again. All of that training prepares them for the season but it also prepares them to work across the adventure industry and beyond. What will you learn?

  • Zip line and adventure industry skills, learned in paid trainings, and trained to ACCT standards, resulting in certification.
  • How to support and be supported in a culture of team work.
  • Soft skills. Zip lining is people work! Help guests tackle their fears and celebrate their adventure.
  • The discipline and responsibility of running a zip line safely and successfully - from daily inspections to practicing for emergencies.
  • All about our forests and farm!
Send Us Your Resumé
Our fearless leader Mona pulls herself across the zipline as a part of training.