Go-Pro Help

A guest zipping through the trees at a high speed

Things Might Be Just Fine!
Even if you think the memory card is empty.

That’s right! While the vast majority of guests report no problems, a few have indicated their memory cards were empty, or the video was of poor quality, or other problems. Fortunately, we have in all cases so far, found the video files were fine and the real issue preventing their proper viewing was one of the items listed below. So check these out – one of the suggestions may take care of the problem you are experiencing!
It's still not working-- what now?
What is the best way to copy and then view my videos?
The video is pixelated, stops and starts, or is jerky
How do I access the videos on the SD card - do I need a card reader?
I used my camera to view or download the videos but the card is empty
There are no videos on my memory card, it looks empty.